PictureRama's professional non-conformist photographer, James, has worked in the alternative scene for over 20 years and has undertaken an array of projects encompassing the unusual, mysterious, kinky and erotic.
From creating beautiful and exotic portfolios for the individual and models to bringing out the striking and different angle to any business and commercial material, James has an eye for the uniqueness and individuality of any venture.

James's portfolio includes profile photography of body art models, personalities, performers and artistes, many of which have appeared in many publications in the UK and abroad.

As the publisher of Fetish Map London and Burlesque Map London, James has attended events, clubs, parties and shows, where he has photographed models, individuals and groups, in order to promote events and illustrates many articles, as part of the PictureRama photojournalism asset.

As a photojournalism team, we sometimes need models for photographic shoots in order to produce images for publishing projects, exhibitions and commercial assignments. If you are interested in the potential of modeling for PictureRama, please contact us by email initially, including some low resolution images or a web link.

Location photography at events, clubs, parties and shows.

Product photography, lighting and styling, in our studios or on location.

Hourly, daily and weekly rates. Preferential rates for advertisers in Fetish Map London / Burlesque Map London.

E-mail with details of your requirements. All e-mails and communications will be responded to as soon as possible.

Digital photography, computer based image control for print repro, exhibition display, internet, video and multi-media. Film-based photography (various formats), darkroom processes and services.