James Drury is a non-conformist, fetish society photographer, cultural explorer and adventure seeker. Conceived in the summer of love, member of Generation X, he is currently living in London, England.

After studying in England and Europe and graduating with a Design degree, James has always been fascinated by capturing the unusual and venturing into a world of mysteries and adventure. He has travelled extendedly and his fetish photography and exhibition 'Inside and Out' has been featured in places such as the Madrid Museo Erotico.

In his own words, "Inspired by defying convention and influenced by the bizarre and exotic, I am interested in life, love, death and new media image-making".

James has explored the globe in search of new ideas, interesting people and unusual events. His photography reflects his cultural awareness, as he is at ease in any context, enabling him to work amid people who trust him and the results are amazingly beautiful.

Photographic contributor to:
Elle Magazine (Spain), Bizarre Magazine (UK), Skin Two Magazine (UK), Plan Z (UK), Skin Deep and Body Art International Magazines (UK, Germany, Holland, France), Arno publications (Germany), Risque Magazine (UK), High Society Magazine (Germany), Bell Cable Media (UK), Encom, Entertainment & Communication (UK), Outlaw Biker Enterprises Inc. (USA), Paisano Publications Inc. (USA), Easy Rider Magazine (USA), Heavy Duty Magazine (UK), Back Street Heroes Magazine (UK), AWOL Magazine (UK), Tattoo Review Magazine (USA), Creation Books (UK & USA), Das Magazine (Germany), Cupido Magazine (Norway), Ritual Magazine (UK), Dresseuse Magazine (France), Schlag Zeilen Magazine (Germany), Torture Garden Promotions (UK), Whatsyours.com (UK), Fortean Times (UK).

Photographer, designer and publisher - 1992 to 2012
Graduate in Design (BA Hons) - (internationally studied).
Extensive knowledge of computer based digital image manipulation software.
Photographic projects for: Music, Film, Video and TV productions.
Encom & Bell Cable Media TV - programme originator: 1994-1995
Photojournalist at fetish and tattoo events in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and USA.
Art Editor and Staff photographer for Publications Limited (Body Art Magazine): 1988-1992.
City & Guilds 747 Advanced Technical Photography - (London).
Commercial photographic assistant: 1987-1990.

Book releases:
Tattoo photographs can be seen in the book 'The Art of the Tattoo' published in 1998 by Greenwich Editions - ISBN 0-86288-192-7

Tele5 (Spain) - 'No solo musica'. Fetish photography feature - 2001
Channel 4 (UK) - The Web Review - 2001
BBC TV (UK) - 'The Event' - 2000 exhibition featured on - 1996
Encom (UK) - Entertainment & Communications - 'Soap Box' - 1994-1995


Passionate about languages, culture and people, Eva managed to combine all three through her writing and journalism. After graduating in Sociolinguistics and Intercultural studies, she started exploring the alternative culture scene, which has inspired some of her writing.

As a cultural explorer she is keen to embark on more adventures into the unusual and write about it. Her portfolio includes articles about the fetish scene, relationships, love and social issues, reviews on burlesque shows, and other events, as well as various features.

She has written short stories inspired by her kinky thoughts and adventures.With some background in marketing, Eva has also worked on Public Relations and commercial writing, creating many newsletters, press releases, copy writing and other marketing tools.

As a multi-linguist, Eva writes in various languages, has translated many documents and is also an interpreter for various events.

To quote Eva, "As a multi-linguist that I am, travelling and meeting people and other cultures is something I greatly enjoy... I believe that we are driven by our cultural influences, whether we express them freely, or suppress some of them or decide to use them to allow something new in our lives; we all have passions, desires and dreams… I feel very lucky to have encountered and experienced different social and cultural groups, such as fetishism and many more.

People are intriguing, some eccentric, some more subdued, but nevertheless, all here to learn something, to be someone, to live a story…"