Effective promotional material can help catapult your business to the top and get noticed. An efficient way of expanding your reputable name all over the world is through professional copy writing, press releases and articles.
Having some informative, interesting and entertaining articles to share with everyone is a creative and efficient way to communicate and get your business noticed.

Yet, however knowledgeable you are about your own products, it can be very challenging to produce a professional article. PictureRama's writer has had her work published in various languages and in various publications, ranging from exotic writing to event reviews and feature articles.

As a photojournalism team, James and Eva work together to ensure that all is covered in the utmost professional way, the photography and the words.

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Some of our articles, features and reviews:

Getting my fangs into the best...!
One of the greatest things about being a writer/journalist is the research...! You just never know what is around the corner when you start research for an article...
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BoundCon VII: a festival of bondage demonstration and play, hosted in Munich - May 2010
Munich: our next destination on our 'Fetish Exploration around Europe' mission. James and I had been planning various trips around Europe this year, which had to be rethought in view of the latest volcano disaster...
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Wiping back the years... The story of an infantilist
Whilst most of us can't wait to grow up and become independent, decide for ourselves what to wear, what to do or even what to think, others secretly rejoice at being little ones and wish they could be a child forever....
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Twisted Crown at the London World Burlesque Games 2012 - at Madame Jojo's - 9th May
Chaz Royal's Twisted Crown delivered one of the freakiest shows in burlesque cabaret at Madame Jojo's. Showcasing a cast of performers with a touch of the twisted mind...
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City Burlesque Club show is hijacked by Amy Winehouse - 7/10/10
Amy Whinehouse hijacks a Burlesque Show in central London, to the crowd's great surprise. Last night an audience was thrown into complete shock, as a burlesque cabaret show was hijacked by the famous singer, Amy Winehouse...
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Erotica Londres 2007... Abandonnez-vous a tous vos plaisirs et caprices
Je ne pensais pas que mes fantasme pourraient commencer a prendre forme a travers une exposition, meme si elle s'annoncait aussi erotique que sensuelle...
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