Getting my fangs into the best...!

One of the great things about being a writer/journalist is the research...! You just never know what is around the corner when you start researching for an article. So, as I have been researching the 'Vampire' topic for a while, I jumped at the offer from James to have my own fangs made by a Master Fangsmith, and the only UK member of The Fangsmith Guild, Robbie Drake.

After all, James's fangs looked so brilliant that I was jealous and the best way to write about it, was to go through the process myself...

James - photo by Ola Tuvesson

Robbie was at Fangtasia, the monthly Vampire party at the Resistance Gallery... I arranged to meet up with him and interview him whilst I was having my fangs made.

The whole procedure took between half an hour to an hour, as there are quite a few steps to the final stage. As a professional make up artist and special effects artist on film sets, Robbie has developed and perfected his own technique using an amalgam of products and the results are amazing!

He matches your own teeth colour so there is nothing artificial looking about these fangs. Just forget anything you have ever come across before, as these fangs become part of yourself and part of who you are, if that is your wish, of course...

The process doesn't hurt, so just relax and let Robbie do it all. The smell of the chemicals he uses can be quite intense, but it's absolutely nothing you can't cope with.

Robbie Drake

He shapes them, polishes them, tries them on you a few times to fit them perfectly and before you know it, you have the perfect pair of fangs....!! Absolutely develish...!!

Eva and James - Photos by David Briggs

And to top it all, he makes it look so easy!! The sign of an expert..!! Robbie worked on the movie 'The Woman in Black' recently released, with Daniel Radcliffe and is presently working on another horror movie, which I am not allowed to divulge...
Ready to face the world with my fangs, I greatly enjoyed 'gnarling around'. Later on that night, I couldn't help getting my fangs into a very sexy vampire who wasn't scared to be bitten to death, well almost...! Master Vampire Claremont has been marked...! And I have the blood to prove it...!

If you wish for your own fangs or are just curious, you should attend Fangtasia as soon as you can. The event happens every month at the Resistance Gallery, London. You can contact Robbie and arrange for a session. Fangtasia, a place to watch a fabulous performance, party and be part of the Vampire community.

But give us some info of your own. Do you have your own fangs? What do you think of the whole Vampire look and movement? Is it serious for you or just a new trend you like to follow whenever you can?
For more info on different events, visit and get a map where you'll find all the details you need...

Eva Lamour

Eva - photos by James Drury